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Public procurement in Sierra Leone is subject to the Public Procurement Act 2016 (Gazette Vol. CXL VII, No.  10). Legislation can only provide the overall rules to be followed, and with the increasing value and complexity of procurement, effective guidelines and step-by-step procedures are required to assist civil servants, all public officials and other individuals involved or interested in the procurement process. 

Sound public procurement practices and policies are essential aspects of sound governance. Good procurement practices can reduce costs and produce timely service delivery. Poor procurement practices generally lead to delays and waste and are often the cause of government inefficiencies and allegations of corruption.  

Consistent application of the guidelines presented in this Manual will substantially improve public service delivery efficiency whilst reducing the perception and actual occurrence of corruption in public procurement in Sierra Leone. 

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"The Mission of NPPA is to regulate and monitor public procurement in Sierra Leone and to advise Government on issues relating to public procurement."

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